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Web Site Development and Electronic Commerce

Web site development can be tricky; what looks good on a web page may not serve the real needs of your customers. It may not work with their browser, may take far too long to download, or may not be well organized or optimized.

Every site we work on is unique and requires a personalized approach to maximize results.The sites are developed based on customer needs, budget and levels of experience.

For a $400 million company, we constructed multimedia, database driven enterprise management systems. For an entrepreneur in the wholesale health care business, we walked them through the use of automated site-builder software so they can management the site and build it themselves.For others we build ecommerce capabilities.

Our approach is to conduct stakeholder research to enable us to understand your customer's unique needs and implement the ideal solution, given budget, market, and technological sophistication.

We then develop appropriate goals, develop content and build the site for maximum download speed and ease of use. The site architecture is developed based on the current algorithms used by search engines and directories to maximize your search engine ranking for typical search phrases used by customers (see site optimization).

You may find value in a list of the chapter headings of the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, as well.

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