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Our Philosophy on Innovation

Peter Drucker has described innovation thusly:

     "the effort to create purposeful, focused change in an enterprise's economic or social potential."

  The effort, and indeed it is an effort, has as its foundation, primary and secondary research to gather the potentially catalytic information:

  • interviewing all varieties of stakeholders
  • performing database and on-line searches
  • reviewing client capabilities in production, marketing, and distribution
  • attending trade shows
  • scanning the horizon in all directions

Sources of innovation abound: 

  • A small observation can lead to a breakthrough idea.
  • Reviewing incongruities in the market and unexpected successes or failures reveals opportunities.
  • What's not being done can show more than what is being done reveals.
  • Distribution chains can be torn apart and reassembled. 

Insiders typically overlook industry and market changes.  Major innovations most often come from outside, below radar. Outside influences which can include provocateurs of change:

  • mood changes in the marketplace that defy logic
  • new knowledge
  • demographic shifts

After analyzing sources, understanding the environment, and refining client objectives, the process begins whispering to us.  Now revealed are the potential seeds of change, which now undergo filtering against objectives.

Innovations must be simple and clear, lest the environment be confused.  The successful start small, striving for leadership. Unless risky and uncertain, your path is not toward innovation; seek the rocky.

Innovation is part art, part science, requiring practice, skills and hard work.  Innovating to obtain specific, quantifiable economic results needs both conceptual and perceptual thinking.  Both sides of the brain must together gather, sift, overlay, contrast, and co-create. 

Research and knowledge illuminate the landscape.  Intuition looks between the lines for the oft-invisible insight triggers that may presage the immense financial returns the implementation of simple innovations may provide.

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